Collaborating with the Dr. Dubin

We don't receive wisdom; we must discover it for ourselves
after a journey than no one can take for us, nor spare us

- Marcel Proust

Some information about your potential collaborator: I have spent my career accompanying people through the interesting and often dramatic passage you are about to undertake.   Much of what I have learned through this experience is presented on the web site.  However, everybody is different and your passage will be like none other. 

My task is to give you for the the information and tools that will enable you to escape your addictive trap and prevent relapse. Your task is to develop the skills to influence your subjective reactions by doing the experiential exercises offered, collecting data about your subjective experience, and keeping me informed about external events and your subjective reactions to them.

You determine the intensity and duration of our collaboration. Most people do best with close collaboration early with a gradual transition to low-intensity long-duration relationship to prevent relapse. During our work together, you will encounter a representative range of high-risk situations that our collaboration will have to master. If we each do our parts, you will develop the procedural skills and mental faculties to manage whatever stressors or temptations you encounter without defecting from your path of greatest advantage.

For information about fees, services available, or anything else of a non-clinical nature, please call our office at: 512-343-8307. If you have a question that is clinical in nature, please email me directly.



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